During motherhood, Ela discovered that it is so easy to forget and ignore yourself. From that came the idea to spoil mothers with items that make them shine. With a family in the jewelry industry and a degree in gemology, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. She enlisted the help of her mother and Studio Mama was born. A creative venture of mother and daughter who want to make other mothers and daughters happy with sustainable and trendy items with their creativity. Because you can be there!


With Studio Mama we want to celebrate motherhood and especially our femininity. Every day we are busy developing quality products with which you can shine. You don't only shine from the outside but also from the inside. We believe that a better world starts with ourselves and that is why we pay close attention to our ecological footprint.


From start to finish, we try to create all products sustainably. We look for materials that have a long lifespan and are also developed in an environmentally friendly way. We are transparent about this. For example, all our cotton has a GOTS certification, the highest sustainability certification, all polyester material is recycled and all our packaging is completely plastic-free and 100% recyclable.


We believe in personal contact! While Moeders is mainly busy developing new items behind the scenes, Ela is more the face of Studio Mama. This is how she can be seen most on the social media channels. But you also come directly to her when you approach customer service.


Below you can see how you can reach our customer service. We are also very active on social media and we would love to see you there!

Telephone : 06-44181444
Email :


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